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Wuxi tuopu scientific and technological development center was founded in 1995, R & D and production of strong, long renowned at home and abroad with tertiary institutions and research institutes have close cooperative relations. So far the successful development and production of multi-family, multi-species "sip", "Oriental drum dyed" brand products are widely sought after domestic and international markets.

Center has strong research and development capabilities, comprising additives research and development department and various types of production enterprises, printing and dyeing auxiliaries plant, the East tube dyeing factories, Hoi Mei Textile Co., Ltd., the companies have advanced chemical production, printing and dyeing and textile machinery and equipment.

Center has a highly sophisticated production techniques and high-quality means of quality control. Products forming a six series, nearly one hundred varieties. There are various dyeing cotton yarn, blended yarn, knitted fabric dyeing series, printing and dyeing auxiliary series, no-clean flux series, daily cleaning agent series, glass, anti-fog agent products, which the applicability of strong, stable quality, best-selling domestic foreign markets, has won wide acclaim customers, Japan and sell 50 tons.

The Center is backed by a high Suxichang Area-intensive printing and dyeing industry, home appliances, textiles advantages and better transport links, a wide range of recruitment, the introduction of talent, and now has a junior college, undergraduate degree or above scientific and technical personnel 11. Sales Center continues to expand its businesses at home, at home and abroad have greater visibility. To achieve greater development goals, the Center is willing to work with domestic and overseas printing and dyeing enterprises, textile and garment factories and Auxiliary Plant sincere cooperation in jointly exploring the broader market. Also welcomed the country's major import and export operation, auxiliary plant, professionals and graduates of tertiary institutions to join the Center in order to achieve a win-win business and scientific and technical personnel,And write in the 21st Century auxiliary industry and textile industry new glories.

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